Music Promotion

With New Wave Music Promotion you will find all the services that can make your project known. Music promotion on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, YouTube and more. Wherever your fans listen to music, they’ll find you!

Streaming Promotion

Our streaming promotion package includes all major streaming services. This generates real streams and no fake streams.

A newsletter promotion will introduce your music to real streaming users. Working with our partners, we can send your music to a variety of music consumers within your audience, generating real-world streams. In addition to the additional streams, of course, the number of your monthly listeners increases, which affects the algorithms of the streaming services and can provide you with an additional boost.

Music Promotion takes place on the following DSPs:
• Spotify
• Apple Music
• Google Play
• Tidal

Playlist Pitching

Interested in Spotify Playlist Pitching? Well we offer playlist pitching for all New Wave artists!

As you probably know the majors own the 3 largest playlisting companies on Spotify. In addition, it was just revealed that they are demanding more slots on the Spotify curated playlists.

As an independent artist how can you compete? Our Spotify playlisting will get you placed on top rated independent playlists on Spotify. This type of serious promotion often leads to viral listing and Spotify curated playlists.

This promotion is 100% based on playlists so we don’t guarantee streams.

Additional Music Promotion Services

New Wave also offers many other music promotion services. For instance, Blog Features, Artist Biography Creation, Press Release/E-Blast Campaign and Online PR Campaign. In other words, we can help you reach your goals without going to an additional agency for promotion!